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Mosquitoes Use 3 Senses to Decide Whether You’re Worth a Bite

Have you ever wondered how mosquitoes pick their victims? If mosquitoes are continually biting you, it may seem like terrible luck, but there’s a pattern to the madness. In fact, mosquitoes use three senses to decide whether you’re worth a bite. Their cues are olfactory, visual and thermal.

“Mosquitoes Use Vision to Associate Odor Plumes with Thermal Targets” by authors Floris van Breugel, Jeff Riffel, Adrienne Fairhall, and Michael H. Dickinson confirms the extended hypothesis that mosquitoes use their sense of smell to first find the target. However, the paper also determined how mosquitoes do it.

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Home pest control basics: Caulk holes or cracks, put copper mesh over large holes, seal holes around plumbing/piping, keep doors and windows screened, and remove clutter.

Pest control in the kitchen: Clean spills and store food in air-tight containers.

Pest control outside: Keep grass short, place plants away from exterior, and remove ivy. Remove debris that can provide protection and moisture that favors their abundance.
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