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In addition to the complete array of home pest control services, Sterling Pest Control Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Bangalore offers residential home maintenance services – each with pest control benefits. While deep cleaning, spring cleaning may not immediately strike you as pest-control measures, each assists you in creating a clean, protected home that's pest-free.

Deep Cleaning Services Mumbai, Bangalore

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Pest control is one of the most important ways to maintain your home. But it is not the only one. Sterling residential home maintenance services Mumbai that will ensure you have a healthy home.

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I've used Sterling Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd for over 2 years and they have provided...
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I can't say enough good things about Sterling! It was very refreshing to find an honest...
Home pest control basics: Caulk holes or cracks, put copper mesh over large holes, seal holes around plumbing/piping, keep doors and windows screened, and remove clutter.

Pest control in the kitchen: Clean spills and store food in air-tight containers.

Pest control outside: Keep grass short, place plants away from exterior, and remove ivy. Remove debris that can provide protection and moisture that favors their abundance.
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