Things To Do If You Have a Corona Positive Patient in Your House

Things To Do In case You are Sick

In case you are sick and having the symptoms of Covid-19, you might be having COVID-19. Many times persons with mild symptoms are able to recover at home.

Symptoms need to be tracked and in case of breathing trouble medical care should be had immediately. In order to confirm if one is having COVID-19 testing needs to be done. Home sample collection is now available in most cities if the same is prescribed by a qualified physician. Reports are mostly available within 24 hours and can be accessed online.

If one tests positive, one should isolate himself and the people they have been in close contact within 2 days should be informed too so that they too can get themselves tested in case they too develop COVID-19 symptoms. The government authorities are usually the first ones to reach the patient as soon they come to know about the result. Besides disinfecting the room they keep a tab on the patient and monitor his health, if needed depending upon the condition of the patient they recommend hospitalization or home quarantine.

In case one is staying with his family, one must isolate himself in a specific room and wear a mask if one needs to move around other people in the flat. One must try to stay at least 6 feet away to protect the other people around oneself.

One must clean hands often with soap and water or with sanitizer incase soap and water isn’t available. One must avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Personnel Household items like dish plates, cups, glasses, towels and bedsheets with the other members of the family. All these items must be thoroughly washed after use with soap and water or put away in dishwasher / washing machine.

All the touch points like doorknobs, switches, handles, remote control, counters, tabletops, bathroom fixtures, bedside tables need to be daily cleaned. If it’s possible someone else should clean common areas and disinfect using the disinfectants recommended but one should clean his own room if possible. Incase this is not possible then the person cleaning the room should take utmost care and wear masks and gloves while cleaning the sick persons room.

The government website has a list of approved disinfectants to be used. It can be referred to for further details on the same.

During the period self-quarantine, as recommended by the local authorities, needs to be followed. After the prescribed period the second test may be carried out as advised by the physician.