Corona Virus Cases are Increasing Rapidly by The Day

Taking measures to reduce the reproductive number is critical to reducing the havoc COVID-19 can wreck and that’s why we hear a lot about restricting travel, self-isolation, disinfection, sanitization, and handwashing.

What the coronavirus pandemic will look like in the coming weeks and months is largely in our own hands – we can all take steps to slow its spread and minimize its impact.

Disinfection practices are necessary to reduce the potential for COVID-19 virus contamination even in nonhealthcare settings such as homes, schools, offices & publicly accessible bldgs.

We are currently seeing a rise in COVID-positive cases in many areas, perhaps since proper disinfection processes are not being followed in these areas or due to disinfection activities being undertaken by non-professionals.

The disinfection treatment should be a highly effective treatment that ensures that the disinfection is done thoroughly and professionally. One should be able to highlight the features, advantages, and benefits of this disinfection treatment using a powerpack ULV equipment over the conventional pack back sprayer treatment.


  • The  disinfection process should use powerful & effective disinfectant products, which are applied using specialized ULV mist equipment to perform disinfection.
  • Usage of disinfectant products which have the lowest toxicity ratings.
  • Non usage of ozone-harming volatile organic compounds (VOC). We use products that are mild on skin, hard surfaces and fabrics.
  • Latest technologies in disinfection and sanitization are used to ensure that the best protection can be offered.


  • Disinfects not only the objects but the surrounding air in closed spaces to efficiently sterilize everything.
  • Highly efficient spraying that rapidly and safely delivers even disinfection.
  • 100% coverage of disinfection from ceiling to the floor as well as walls and narrow gaps.
  • ULV discharge of fewer than 50 microns size droplets results in an increased presence of droplets in the air thereby sterilizing the air, the walls, and the surrounding objects without making them wet.


  • Treatment by professionals, so you need not worry about inadequate disinfection or missed spots.
  • Covers both spatial disinfection for airborne contamination and disinfects all surfaces, especially the ones called negative or difficult to reach.
  • Best Price Performance Ratio for your investment.
  • Convenience – Provision of these services during suitable hours so that the members using the facility have to face minimum inconvenience.
  • We are passionate about keeping your facility clean because it’s our community too. Our technology-based approach allows us to create treatment plans that are effective, advanced, safe and convenient to our clients.